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Wordpress Plugin



Get instant traffic to your new blog posts from the top social platforms online!

It is not uncommon for a piece of content to receive hundreds, even thousands of visitors from the sites that PostAmplifier posts to in a matter of hours! While it certainly does depend on what content you are publishing, the possibility of hundreds, thousands, even TENS of thousands of visitors to your content using PostAmplifier is very much a reality.



Setting up PostAmplifier is as easy as installing the plugin and entering your login details.

With some WordPress plugins you almost need to take a college course just to get to use them! Not so with PostAmplifier! Just install the simple plugin, activate it and insert your login details for the sites it posts to. From there you'll just enter info from each new piece of content and click a button for instant links and traffic from authoritative sites.


How would you like to get INSTANT backlinks from some of the most authoritative sites on the internet? With PostAmplifier, you will!

Newsvine, Reddit, Facebook etc. are some of the best sources for social signals. Links on these sites show that your content is a part of the conversation. And if your content is not showing up on these sites, it shows that it is NOT part of the conversation. Be part of the conversation with AmplifiedLinks.


AmplifiedLinks is a WordPress plugin, so it's quick and easy to use.

We know the power of WordPress and the easy integration of WordPress plugins. PostAmplifier is a simple WordPress plugin that is easily installed and configured and works on any WordPress site on the internet.

It's as easy as uploading the plugin, activating it and then filling in your login details. From there you simply add a few details about each post and publish. Instant links and traffic!


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